The Best Way to Become a Crorepati: Jackpot Slots

Last updated on 30th June 2021

Published: 25/11/2020

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Rupees background and jackpot games

All You Need to Know to Win a Jackpot

Every player wants to win the highest amount possible on every single bet. Online casinos are businesses that remain operational because they offer games that favor them. Remember, no site will provide 50/50 odds. That is why there is nothing sweeter than landing a win that will decimate an operator’s bottom line.

“You only need one stroke of luck for everything to change.”

What is a jackpot? Well, it’s the biggest win possible on a given game of chanse.

However, when a prize receives the jackpot label, it means that its reward is multiple times bigger than a regular max win.

It is a prize that comes in the form of a life-altering amount. If you land it, it will make tomorrow much different than every day before it. That is why these slots are worth playing. You only need one stroke of luck for everything to change.

Naturally, these games are available for players residing in India. All you have to do is pick a credible real money casino site, and starts spinning.

What Are Jackpot Games?

Major jackpot win in Divine Fortune

Jackpot slots

The slot genre in question divides into two main categories. Those that provide fixed rewards, and ones where the prize pool keeps growing until someone wins it all.

There’s a difference between a game’s max win potential and a jackpot prize. The max win potential tells you the highest winning multiplier that a game can provide. If a slot lists one of x10,000, the most you can win playing that game is your stake multiplied 10,000 times over.

A jackpot is a fixed reward regardless of your bet size. A progressive prize is different in that its pot grows through all the unsuccessful bets preceding the successful one. Because there is no upward limit, these titles attract Indian players in droves.

Lotteries with jackpots

There are also so-called jackpots in lottery games, but that’s for another article about lottery. These jackpots are even bigger than jackpot slots, but you will have to wait for the daily/weekly/monthly draw before you get the result

Table & card games

With the rapid product development within “Live Casino” traditional table & card games now also have jackpots. Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular table jackpot games currently in India. As for blackjack there are different online blackjack games with side bets which can trigger the jackpot

You can also win jackpots in game shows like Crazy Time and Monopoly Live. These wins are not as big as slots or lotteries, but can still make you a crorepati on just a Rs. 50 investment.

Different Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Biggest win in the traditional Mega Moolah slot

Know that there are different types of progressive titles. If an operator advertises that it’s home to jackpot games, do your research and find out what kind it hosts. Do not fall prey to clever marketing! Online casinos excel at it, as they are well-versed in many underhanded tactics.

Seed funds

A seed fund is a term you should remember. It represents the amount that will finance the next jackpot. For example, the seed for Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is Rs 70 million. So, every time someone wins the main prize, the winning amount resets to this figure and begins growing again.

Local & network jackpots

There are local and network jackpots. A local one ties into only one casino, and its win pales in comparison to network ones.

Network prizes link multiple platforms. Meaning, bets made on the same game at multiple sites grow the reward together. These are the titles you should seek out.

How to Play Jackpot Slots

EUR 7.1 million win at Casumo

Unlike table games, there is no way to calculate a breakeven point when playing slots. Your faith is in the hands of a random number generator.  That said, we can offer a few rules of thumb for you to follow.

Eligible betting limits

Make sure that you know the qualifying bet amount. You may not be eligible for the big reward if you make low-stake bets. Often, you will need to choose the ‘Max Bet’ option before spinning. Also, learn the game’s rules, how to trigger the jackpot bonus round, if there is one.

Finding trusted websites

Always play at credible sites like the ones featured at Cashup Club. You don’t want to land a massive prize and have the casino refuse to payout. It happens all the time.

Shady and low-end sites market prizes that they have no intentions of providing. They will aim to drown you in procedures, intentionally discouraging you from getting what’s yours. That is why it’s important to play only at sites that provide simple KYC verification and fast withdrawals. Make sure to stay away from Telegram or Whatsapp sites, they are notoriously known for cheating players.

What Are the Best Progressive Slots?

19 million euro jackpot win in Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad

Though today, product saturates the gaming landscape, there are a few progressive titles that stand out.

We already mentioned Mega Moolah, the record-setting safari-themed slot. Microgaming, which is the developer of the Mega Moolah game recently launched another version of the game called ‘Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad‘. Earlier in 2021 a Belgium player won 19.4 million Euros!

You can enjoy all the Mega Moolah games at Casumo’s casino, one of the few platforms that have our seal of approval and been rated as the best slots site.

Other titles you should check out include NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, Joker Millions, and Hall of Gods. Jackpot Giant from Playtech and Joker Millions from Yggdrasil can also turn you into a crorepati.

What Is Required To Start?

If you are already playing slots, why not play these games. Small wins keep you afloat, but big ones can change your life and how people look at you. Remember, all you need is one.

The only thing you need is a smartphone, an internet connection, a good payment option like UPi – and you are ready to go!