7 Casino Games With Low Minimum Bets

Last updated on 14th December 2020

Published: 19/11/2020

Categories: Entry level

Start Playing With a Small Investment

What makes online casinos so much better than land-based casinos? Well, there are plenty of reasons, and low minimum bets are surely one of the top one.

Indian online gambling sites feature dozens of casino games that span slots, card, and table games with low minimum bets available for all bankroll sizes.

This is great news for new players who are just starting out in a casino. If this is your first time at a casino site, you’ll be glad to know you can play a host of games without breaking the bank.

The lowest bets start at just a few dozens of Rupees, suitable for new players that don’t want to spend a lot of cash, but aim to win a solid sum in return.

Casino Games with Low Minimum Bets

Below you’ll find the different types of casino games you can play for just a few Rupees. They’re suitable for all types of players, so no matter if you’re a slot fan or love playing the poker tables, you’ll find something to enjoy.

Under each description, we have listed a recommended variant of the game, and where you can play the same. What is good to know, is that different gambling sites have the same game, but provides radically different betting limits.

Andar Bahar

An Indian favorite, Andar Bahar is a social game you can play at the top Indian online casinos. As a game that originated on the streets, it can be played for pretty low minimum bets at casino sites nowadays.

With bets starting around Rs. 100 (depending on the variant), you can double that amount depending on what side the card falls.

  • For example, if the card falls on the same side as the original, you will win Rs. 190 on an Rs. 100 bet.
  • If it falls on the opposite side, you’ll win Rs. 200.

It’s an exciting game you should definitely go for if you want to double your low minimum bets with relative ease.


We recommend you to play ‘Andar Bahar Live’ at LeoVegas Casino, where the minimum bet is only Rs. 50.


Slots are the most fun and most versatile type of game in online casinos. They come in different shapes and sizes and that’s one of their strong suits.

You can choose between classic slots with just a few reels, play modern slots with thousands of ways to win, or try progressive jackpot slot machines that offer prizes beyond your imagination.

All of that can be won on bets worth under 10 Rupees, so you could be ending with a massive cash reward for a low price.

That, along with the fact that you can play them on the go, makes slots the best casino game with low minimum bets. Recommended for beginners is to play at low volatile slots, so you risk small and also win small.


Online slot all feature the same minimum & betting limits on all gambling sites. A good beginner game is Aloha! Cluster Pays at Casumo Casino.

Teen Patti

Another favorite of Indian players, Teen Patti is a wildly popular game thanks to the low minimum bets and solid returns.

Just like Andar Bahar, it originated from India, and is closely connected to Hindu celebrations, played among friends around Diwali.

The game can also be found at the top Indian online casinos where you can place bets as low as Rs. 100. It’s a game similar to three-card brag and influenced from poker. If you know your way around poker, you can learn Teen Patti in a flash.

Once you do, start with low minimum bets and you might get a cool payout in return.



Pure Casino has Live Teen Patti 2020 which bets start at Rs. 44. This is truly low compared to most gambling sites which have Rs. 85++. 


You may think of poker as a game for high rollers, but the variety of online poker games makes it suitable for all bankroll sizes.

There are dozens of poker variants out there, each one with different bet sizes. Some poker games will allow you to place minimum bets worth around 50 Rupees, which, you must agree, is pretty low.

For that kind of bet, Indians are more than excited to play poker, especially since skilled players can make a killing on it if they know their way around these games.

If you ask us, Texas Hold’em poker is the best you can play for low bets. Learn the basics on poker and practice for free before you hit the tables.

Start small with tiny bets and you may end up winning a fortune if you’re good at the game.


Here we recommend Pure Casino and their version of Extreme Texas Hold’em which starts at Rs. 10.


Blackjack is one of the most fun card games ever, and pretty straightforward to play as well. You can learn the basics in a couple of hours and hit the tables to try and beat the dealer.

Getting to 21, however, can be pretty challenging, especially if you’re dealt bad cards from the start. The good news is that you can play blackjack for low minimum bets in the range of Rs. 20, so you won’t be spending a lot of money to try and win double in return.

There are different blackjack tables with various low minimum bets you should definitely check out. Find the one that suits your playing style best and play a few hands.

With a good strategy, you can win solid cash in return for the price of a cup of coffee.


Blackjack XChange at 10CRIC is your lowest (best?) bet here! Minimum stake starts at Rs. 20.


Is there a game more exciting than roulette? It’s a thrill that doesn’t compare to anything else. On the plus side, the game of chance can be played for a very low bet size thanks to the massive number of variants.

The great thing about roulette is that you can win big even if you bet something in the range of Rs. 10.

Hitting a single number comes at 35 to 1 odds. Even if you place a low bet on a European roulette table, you can hit something close to a jackpot in return.

Of course, that’ll mostly go down to luck, but if you have Lakshmi by your side, anything is possible.


The breadwinner here is JungleRaja’s game ‘Roulette X2’ which only has Rs. 8 as a minimum bet!


Baccarat is a popular, yet not that well-known casino game with pretty low minimum stakes depending on the table. Many casino baccarat tables allow bets that go as low as Rs. 80, which is more than suitable for all types of players.

If you’ve never played baccarat, now’s the time to do so. It is particularly great to play online, especially if you find a low stakes table. Baccarat is a pretty great game for most players not just because of the low stakes, but the low house edge too.

The house edge on the Banker bet is around 1.06% and 1.25% on the Player bet. The house edge on the Tie bet is 14.44%, which is why you should avoid it.


JungleRaja has more than 25 baccarat games to your disposal, with a great variety of low betting options. Clearly best in India at baccarat!

Why Play at Low Minimum Bet Indian Casinos?

New Indian players are not likely to spend big when they join a casino. That’s a dangerous strategy that will only get you in trouble and can leave you penniless.

At the beginning of your online casino journey, you need to take things slow and start with small bets. The best way to do that is to pick low minimum bet casino games and slots.

The great news is that plenty of Indian casino sites feature dozens of these games with bets starting below 10 Rupees. In that way, you’ll learn more about the games you like without spending big and destroying your bankroll right at the beginning.