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Last updated on 24th May 2021

Published: 28/09/2020

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Have you ever heard the expression “break the bank”?

It means you’ve won the jackpot. It means you have earned more money than you ever will be able to spend. It means a troubleless life.

The more formal variation of the expression means you win more money than what the casino has in its bank account. You are breaking the bank limit of the gambling house.

However, to be sure to take home a life-changing win you cannot just rely on luck. You need knowledge of how, when and where to place your investment.

Winning a big jackpot can be done in two ways:

  1. Luck – It’s a higher chance you will get struck by lightning TWICE than winning a mega jackpot. At Cashup Club, we don’t believe in luck.
  2. Knowledge – By increasing your knowledge and skill of the games you play your winning chances increase exponentially. At Cashup Club, we believe in knowledge.

We publish just this kind of knowledge to give you informational leverage over the gambling site. Information is key when it comes to playing with real money.

We share this information with you, for free.

Fresh on the grass, years in the jungle

Currently, there is a big knowledge gap between gaming sites and players. The websites rely on databases, AI and multi-million dollar budgets. But no chain is stronger than its weakest link.

The authors of Cashup Club has worked at online casinos for several years and knows the ins and outs of the business. We have visited the software developers HQ’s where the casino games are built.

Our goal in the guides and casino site reviews is to bring out the best of the casinos, their terms & conditions, which game you have the highest chance to win in and which payment method is most beneficial for you.

About the Company

Cashup Club was founded in October 2020 by Christopher Baude and a team of experienced gaming specialists.

Christopher has previously worked for LeoVegas and ComeOn in the respective marketing department. Over the years we’ve learned what is just marketing gimmicks and what actually helps you to win more.

Cashup.club is owned by Digital Sunshine Ltd. and you can find our company information and ways of contact here.