Online Lottery Games for Real Money

Last updated on 31st May 2021

Published: 30/05/2021

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There are many who have requested a complete Indian online lottery guide. Playing lottery for real money has increased greatly in popularity over the past decade. In addition, more and more new games are appearing online. Many people abandon the state lotteries and try online gambling instead.

On this page you will find out the best lottery games to win real money and where you can find them.

The Lotteries With the Biggest Jackpots

In all lotteries, it is the jackpot that looms. The idea of ​​winning several crores – may be tens or hundreds of crores is attractive, to say the least. The imagination takes us to all the distant places we could visit if we won the jackpot in one of all the lotteries available.

In comparison to playing online casino for cash where the gratification is instant when you win, in lottery games you have to wait for the draw. Usually, the draw is once per week, but there can be additional draws which are called “bumper draws”.

Every week, several lucky winners become crorepatis by playing on international lotteries for cash. Because lotto is about luck, it means that you have the same chance of winning as anyone. It is easy to play the lottery compared to, for example, poker where you have to develop a talent.


Powerball lottery is a game with a really big jackpot that at times is well over 800 crores. Originally, this is a game that only Americans could bet on. But now, with online lotteries, everybody from the world can participate in the excitement.

Here are the top 4 biggest Powerball wins:

  1. $ 1.6 billion, 2016
  2. $ 477 million, Powerball, 2019
  3. $ 481 million, Powerball, 2017
  4. $ 396 million, Powerball, 2018


How much you can win at EuroMillions varies from time to time, depending on how much money is available and how many players get it right at the same time. If the jackpot is not won, it rolls on.

The upper limit for the jackpot is 1,600 crores and is available at any of the lotteries on this page.

The chance of winning a prize of any size is 1 in 13. All prizes are paid out as a lump sum and are free from tax.