Betting Sites & Casinos with the Fastest Withdrawals in India

Last updated on 6th December 2021

Published: 23/09/2020

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Indian online betting sites with fast cashouts


When deciding which online casino or sportsbook to play at, one of the most important things you should first look at is how fast you can make withdrawals from the site.

It is probably among the most frustrating and annoying things to win money at a casino and then waits an eternity before the money finally gets into your bank account.

On this page we have listed online casinos and betting sites with the fastest withdrawals in India, enjoy!

Gambling Sites With Quickest Payouts

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Factors That Affect How Fast Withdrawals Can be Made

There are a number of other things that can affect how quickly it is possible to get your money out of the gaming account to the bank account.

It is partly about which payment method you use to withdraw money from the casino and partly how large the amount you are to withdraw. The fastest methods in India right now is Paytm & IMPS banking where withdrawals can be made in less than 5 minutes directly to your bank account.

Offering fast withdrawals is one of the biggest signs of good quality at an online gambling site and a great way for them to show their customers that they really care and are serious about their business. It is often a sign of several positive things:

Strong & financially stable

In order for an online casino to be able to offer their customers direct withdrawals, the site must have very large sums of money deposited as a balance on not just one but on many different payment services.

Casinos often have many different payment methods that they offer to reach as many customers as possible, sometimes it can be as many as 30 or more accounts on different payment methods that the casino must have enough balance to be able to pay out money to every one of its thousands of players every day.

Good & high-quality customer support

In order for the online betting site to be able to offer fast withdrawals, it is required that they have qualified staff who can offer a high level of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fair & respectable

This is in contrast to some gambling sites which instead try to drag out the time as much as possible so that you get tired and eventually give up trying to get your winnings out of the website. Admittedly, it is not uncommon for casinos to behave so badly, but it does occur in some rogue online casinos or sportsbooks. So make sure the site is licensed.

To conclude, that says a lot about the site’s operations, whether it has fast withdrawals or not. If there is one thing you should look at when you decide to play at a casino, it is in other words how fast you can withdraw your possible winnings.

Minimum withdrawals

All casinos and bookmakers have a minimum amount you can withdraw. You can find this in the Cashier/Account tab, but if it’s not there it should be highlighted in the terms and conditions.

Indian minimum withdrawal sites:



Min. Withdrawal


Paytm, UPi, G-Pay, PhonePe

Rs. 500

Subject to verification (6-24h)


Rs. 500


Net Banking, PhonePe, Paytm, UPi

Rs. 1,000

Subject to verification (6-72h)

UPi, Paytm, G-Pay, Netbanking

Rs. 2,000

1-6 hours


Rs. 1,600

Subject to verification (6-72h)

Bank transfer

Rs. 5,000

Subject to verification (6-72h)

The reason why casinos set several times higher minimum withdrawal limit vs. the deposit limit is for anti-money laundering purposes. This stops crooks to launder money from their Skrill account to the bank account.

The Fastest Payment Methods

Different payment methods take different amounts of time to pay out money to players. If you have gambled for more than two years, you will most likely recognize these kind of waiting times for your payouts.

Let’s have a look at the past and the present so you get the full picture of why your transactions are fast or slow.

History of The Speed of Payments

To make you understand how some withdrawals are slow, fast and even instant, you need to understand the different methods and what kind of problems they have face over time.


The quickest way in the past to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos was with e-wallets. E-wallets are services for payment over the internet and there is an incredible amount of companies to choose from.

When gambling for real money was in its cradle, E-wallets was the only option to use, since the gambling sites accept people from all over the world. The casino or betting site didn’t have the capacity to accept cards from the USA, China, India, Turkey, etc.

Perhaps the most common e-wallets are MuchBetter, Neteller and Skrill. If you are looking for a convenient and good way to withdraw or deposit money at the casino, both these are good options to use.

However, creating an account to be used for real money gambling as an Indian citizen is prohibited, which we analyzed in Netellers T&C’s here.I

If you are a verified player you can make instant withdrawals with MuchBetter and almost as fast with Skrill & Neteller.

But not if you’re Indian.

Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, etc.

Credit & debit cards can be another good option that is usually quite quick to withdraw & deposit money. The disadvantage compared to e-wallets is that not all cards allow you to withdraw money back to the card.

According to Indian law, it is illegal for banks to allow payments for real money games to go through their bank. Hence, Visa and Mastercard were better for Indian punters a few years ago than now. The banks have become much better at blocking these payments.

International bank transfers

International bank transfers take the longest, which of course is not something that the casino itself has control over. The reason it becomes international transfers is that the gambling sites (and their banks) are located overseas.

All the above-mentioned methods take between 24 hours to 10 days (int. bank transfers) from the time you request to withdraw money from the gaming account until the money arrives in your bank account.

The same conditions usually apply to checks, you may have to wait 1-3 days before the check arrives in your mailbox. However, if you request a withdrawal by check, the time it takes also depends on how far away you live from the company that sends the check to you. And of course, you must then take the check to the bank before the money enters the account, which in some cases is the one that takes the longest.

The Fastest Payout Method Today

Moving forward in time – At the end of 2018, Indian gambling sites started applying Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe and Net Banking – services that are directly linked to your bank account.

Now, you can easily start depositing and withdrawing directly from your phone. These services allow for immediate deposits and withdrawals in as little as 5 minutes.

This is the fastest withdrawal method right now and it is used by Pure Win, 10CRIC and Casumo.

Amounts & Limititations

In addition to the payment method, you should also be aware that the time it takes to get the money out of the casino also depends on how large sums you have to withdraw.

Most gambling sites have a limit on how much money you can withdraw from the website at one and the same time.

Daily limits

Certain payment methods are limited by how much they can pay out per 24 hours. If you look at the withdrawal limitations at LeoVegas, you can see that the maximum withdrawal with Skrill is 1 lakh, meanwhile, a bank transfer is 3 lakh per day.

If you look at ComeOn, their maximum withdrawal is 7.9 lakh per day for Skrill, Neteller and MuchBetter.

You see there are some clear differences?

That’s why we recommend you choose gambling sites from our review tables. Because winning 1 lakh is considered a “small win” in online gambling and if you can’t withdraw it instantly you might end up gambling the money again.

Extended Account Verifications for Big Wins

Even if you play at a respectable and fair casino with fast withdrawals, the limit on how much money you can withdraw per month can be limited. This differs from casino to casino, but they can throttle it at 20 lakhs per month.

You will also face an extended verification once you win over 1 lakh. See the example from Casumo’s T&C’s:

“5.4. The payment managers employed by Us will carry out additional verification procedures for any payout exceeding one thousand Euro (€1,000), and for cumulative deposits exceeding two thousand Euro (€2,000), or the approximate equivalent thereof in the currency of the territory in which You are resident.”

This means you will have to send in several documents with your address, proof of payment etc. before you will be eligible for a withdrawal.

Progressive Jackpot & EXTREMELY Big Wins

The biggest jackpots are so-called progressive jackpots which can go well above 70 crores (record jackpot win is 160 crore). In this article, we won’t go into the details of how they become this big, but these jackpots will not be paid out by the online casino site you played at. If you want to know more, check this article about progressive jackpots.

If you win a progressive jackpot you will be paid a lump or annuity sum by the company which produced the game you played, not the casino website itself.

Casinos With The Fastest Withdrawals

Most online casinos in recent years have focused on trying to get faster with withdrawals, this as a way to get new players to want to join the casino. The Indian audience is used with fast payouts from mobile games such as PUBG or to send money to a friend over Google pay.

Why should an online casino be so different?

All the internet casinos listed on this page are available for withdrawals quickly as in 10 minutes. It’s pretty amazing that in such a short time it has become the standard in the gambling industry to withdraw money from casinos.

We at Cashup Club have taken it to our task to check the conditions for withdrawals and try out a variety of casinos and how quickly it is possible to get winnings to the bank account.

All the fastest casinos have withdrawal methods such as:

  • Mobile payments: Google Pay, Paytm & PhonePe
  • Net Banking: IMPS & UPi transactions

In addition, the fastest online casinos tend to stay up to date in terms of software and technology. They also offer the latest and most popular games and generous bonuses to be able to maintain their reputation and continue to be listed as top casinos.

So it is the casinos shown on this page that have the fastest withdrawals. We are sure that if you choose one of them you will have the opportunity to play Teen Patti for cash or Andar Bahar and withdraw your winnings within 24 hours.

Fastest Online Casino

Pure Win Sportsbook &

Up to ₹90,000 bonus

Min. ₹500 deposit

  • Sports betting & casino
  • Fast payouts
  • EN, HI, BN, KN & TE Customer Support
  • Teen Patti & Andar Bahar games

Sportsbooks With the Fastest Payouts

There are some betting websites marketing themselves as “Instant Withdrawals”, which is not entirely correct. Because there are still a few different factors that can delay the withdrawal a bit.

An example of such a factor is KYC (Know Your Customer). This is a requirement of all betting bazaars that they must request verification to counter money laundering and terrorist financing. This means that your first withdrawal can thus take a while, while the next withdrawals go all the faster.

Withdrawal times at online sportsbooks also depends on the same factors as mentioned above in the Online Casino section.

Fastest Betting Site

Pure Win Sportsbook &

Up to ₹90,000 bonus

Min. ₹500 deposit

  • Sports betting & casino
  • Fast payouts
  • EN, HI, BN, KN & TE Customer Support
  • Teen Patti & Andar Bahar games

Online Bookmakers With The slowest Payouts

There are also some betting sites which has really slow withdrawals and it’s usually connected to the site of the betting firm. Bet365 and Dafabet are two of the largest betting houses in the world and their withdrawals are 2-5 days. Hence, we will not recommend these sites.


Pure Win Casino & Sportsbook with 6 hours.

As in you will get your money instantly? No, because all withdrawals are subject to manual KYC. The fastest KYC is by Pure Win and your money will reach your bank account in 6 hours.

The big UK bookies usually has slow speeds. Watch out for bet365, Dafabet and Betway.

Rs. 500 at Casumo.

Depending on which website you play at, but between 1-3 lakhs.

UPi or Net Banking.

Don’t use Visa, Mastercard or Meastro.

No, all withdrawals are (due to legislative reasons) object to manual review by the gambling site. This takes a couple of hours.