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Last updated on 21st June 2021

Published: 13/10/2020

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How to gamble with online banking

Secure, Speedy & Seamless

You’d think that bank transfer would not be the best option to use across online casino and betting sites, but you’d be wrong.

It is exactly the method you’d want to use for many reasons. Security being one, wide ability of sites is another.

Casinos with IMPS bank transfer are the ones that would provide you with a seamless gambling time as an Indian player.

Popular methods like Skrill and Neteller may seem more attractive, due to their global recognition. But do they work that well in India?


After you learn how to use bank transfer properly, and see all the benefits you may get for using it, you’ll be absolutely stunned. Stay with us and we’ll show you the best gambling sites to join and how to join them.

Best Bank Transfer Sites 2021

Pure Win Sportsbook &

Up to ₹90,000 bonus

Min. ₹500 deposit

  • Sports betting & casino
  • Fast payouts
  • EN, HI, BN, KN & TE Customer Support
  • Teen Patti & Andar Bahar games

Up to ₹20,000 bonus

Min. ₹250 deposit

  • Leading Betting Site in India
  • Cricket, football & more
  • Live casino games & slot machines
  • Bitcoin payments

Up to ₹60,000 bonus

Min. ₹200 deposit

  • Lowest minimum investment
  • Casino & sports betting
  • Hindi speaking casino dealers
  • Play with Nargis Fakhri

Reviews of Bank Transfer Gambling Sites

Brunette dealer at the end of roulette table

Regardless of whether you’re up for some Andar Bahar cash bets round, or you just want to place a bet on an IPL cricket game or you’d simply enjoy a spin on a slot machine, you’re in for a treat.

There are hundreds of sites you can join that offer these different gambling forms. Knowing which one to choose can be a bit of hustle as a new punter. Thats why Cashup Club have curated a list of the best bank transfer casinos.

We only list sites which specialize in gambling for Indians and follow some criterias for the reviews:

  • Local payment options – Bank transfer, Net Banking, IMPS Paytm or UPi;
  • Local support – 24/7 support with English and Hindi;
  • Betting options – The option to bet on IPL, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and more;
  • Fast withdrawals – Once you win you must be able to withdraw your winnings in just a few hours.


Since bank transfers can be used anywhere in the world it means there are many crooks taking advantage of this. Thats why we recommend you choosing a casino from Cashup Clubs review tables.

See an example of a fraudulent casino below.

Fraudulent Bank Transfer Sites

Live Casino games are the most popular casino games in India. This is also a category where you easily can get scammed.

The reason being is that the Indian gaming crowd are used to play Teen Patti or Andar Bahar with an app, not directly from a gambling site.

The apps are governed by the Apple or Google App Store, which makes sure there’s no fraudulent behaviour going on. However, when you are playing casino on the web, there’s no third party controlling what shows up when you Google.

Let us give you a fraudulent example of how this is taken advantage of.

Fraudelent IMPS betting site

The picture above shows a screenshot of a fraudulent bank transfer casino & sportsbook. Everything looks fine once you are making the deposit, however, we can PROMISE you will not get your money back from a site like this!

See what we discover below.

This is a website which says the following under the ‘About us’ -page.

“We are India’s leading sports exchange and online casino”

Their purpose is to solely target Indians with games such as Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, blackjack and cricket betting. However, as soon as you visit the site you can smell there’s something fishy going on.

Both the desktop and mobile version of the site looks like it’s been made out of kindergarten; the design is 20 years old, incomplete elements and with spelling mistakes.

But that’s not the worst part.

The site claims to hold a Curacao gaming license, which cannot be proven in any way. You should be able to verify this by clicking on the Curacao gaming logo at the bottom of the page. Here, it’s not available. Faking a gaming license is in our book the worst crime an online casino can do.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

When you try to visit their Facebook page, even Facebook warns you about fraudulent behaviour and password phishing.

Fake IMPS gambling site redirects to Facebook

Is this a website you would like to trust your money to?

Instead, Cashup club recommends you playing at any of the sites listed on this page.

Bank Transfer vs. Mobile & E-wallets

Smiling roulette dealer

Sure, IMPS or Net Banking is a very good method for investing in gambling, but how is it in comparison to Paytm or Skrill?

Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets encompass of Paym, Google Pay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, etc. Transfers are secure, instant and easy to administrate, however, we can identify a couple of drawbacks compared IMPS:

  1. You cannot make an ATM deposit directly to your gaming account.
  2. IMPS has much higher daily transfers maximums of 2 lakhs.
  3. High fees – Transferring money from your Paytm account to your bank account goes at a 5% fee (!)


E-wallets is a very popular method for gambling internationally, casinos with Skrill is most likely the most common form.

However, it has not reached the same recognition in India because of the big adoption of mobile wallets instead.

The difference between an e-wallet and a mobile wallet is small. At an e-wallet you need to manually top up your account with credits, meanwhile, a mobile wallet is directly connected to your card.

Skrill adds a 1% fee on deposits

Comparing bank transfers to e-wallets and you’ll find the exact same drawbacks as mobile wallets, and some additional more:

  • All deposits into your e-wallet come with a fee;
  • Your e-wallet account is locked to either EUR or USD;
  • Some e-wallets block Indian credit & debit cards.


IMPS is better than both mobile and e-wallets. You don’t need to pay currency conversion fees, deposit or withdrawal fees and more.To sum it up, you simply get more money to gamble for if you choose IMPS.

What Makes Bank Transfer a Good Payment Option?

The availability of bank transfer betting bazaars is massive. You will see that almost all India-friendly online casino and betting sites offer it as a payment method option. But why is it a good payment option for you, you may wonder?

Well, the following is a list of things that should persuade you to consider it as an option: 

  • Bank transfer is a trusted, most secure option to use for wagering, used across online casino and betting sites since the dawn of online gambling.
  • You can make large deposits and cash out a huge amount of winnings, so it’s great if you’re a high-roller.
  • You can transact directly to and from your bank without the need to use intermediary services like Skrill and Neteller, or other eWallets and online payment services.

Start Playing with Net Banking Today!

Beautiful roulette dealer

Bank transfer makes your online banking experience across casino and betting sites way easier and more convenient than any other method. Mainly because it sends your rupees from and to your bank account directly.

You’re not required to create an account with any intermediary. As such, it guarantees the safety and security of your rupees. Yes, that’s right, you can transact with your own currency, avoiding conversion fees.

If you’re already convinced that this is the method for you, just join Cashups top-rated casino site today!