Want to Win Money? Don’t Play Facebook & Play Store Games

Last updated on 2nd July 2021

Published: 13/05/2021

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A Scenario Millions of Indians Have Experienced

On this page Cashup Club will explain why you shouldn’t play Facebook, Amazon, Google Play or Apple Store casino games. To get you into the know, we will present a little scenario under.

The world of online gambling is growing at an unprecedented rate. Casino games are more accessible than ever. It’s now incredibly easy to spin slots on your computer or mobile phone or go for a game of roulette. No need to go to a casino – you can do it at home.

Many of these casino games have spread to social networks too. In the beginning, most were played for fun. However, they evolved beyond it, and many of them are now fully-fledged real money games.

Or are they?

From Teen Patti to Andar Bahar to different variants of poker, slot machines and more- Indian players can enjoy a wide range of games on Facebook to win cash.

To leverage you play, you purchase in-game chips with established payments methods like Paytm or G-Pay.

If you have gotten a good taste of the game from Facebook, then you can easily transfer your account to Amazon, Google or Apple so you can download the app. This doesn’t even require you to make a casino account. Winnings start pouring into your account after just a few moments of play!

Your bankroll stacks up, your investment of Rs. 500 have all of a sudden stacked up to over 15,000. Now its time to withdraw the money to pay your monthly rent!

But where is the withdrawal button?

These games are free, easy to install, and can be played for real money, which draws many players in. However, does this mean that you should play them?

The answer is a big no.

Why Facebook and Social Media Games are a Bad Idea

Check out the top casino apps in the Play and App store for India and you’ll notice that apps, where you can buy in-game credits, are among the most downloaded. Whether it’s Teen Patti, blackjack, or Andar Bahar, players love playing casino games on their phones.

Many of these games are also available on Facebook. You can place deposits as easy as it is to place them in a casino and play these games to win real money in return.

At least that’s what most people think.

The reality is much disappointing – many of these games are well beyond the quality the ads promises and playing them is a fraud. The gaming experience is subpar, and even if you win something, you won’t get paid.

The companies that release these games make money thanks to your deposits, ads, and in-game purchases too. That’s their goal too – to lure you in to spend cash on them, watch ads, invite your friends and spread your achievements in social media.

All for you to gain useless in-game credits.

As soon as you win something, getting the money out will be impossible and tied in red tape. Isn’t the purpose of investing to get something back?

Well, the apps themselves are perfectly legal. Both app stores have strict checks that don’t allow the publishing of real money gambling apps. Since you cannot withdraw your money, these apps are not considered gambling apps, but pure entertainment.

As soon as they’re published, thousands of players download them. The factor you can play without creating a casino account is too enticing to pass up, so many players choose it over playing in casinos.

However, if you think about it, the writing’s right there on the wall. Many of these games would have been published in casinos if everything was great about them.

Ads do their part in the whole charade. They promise fun gameplay and huge rewards when you play for cash. Free giveaways in the form of points you can spend in the game are constantly bombarding players before and after they install the app.

Facebook ads are pretty cunning and will draw unsuspecting players in without them knowing it. Play one casino games and you’ll be playing them all. As soon as you spend money on one game, you’ll be bombarded by apps for others

It’s all completely legal on social media and in the app stores but would never pass in online casinos. Serious Indian players know that these apps are too good to be true and prefer to play at real casino sites.

How “normal” online casinos work

Three blackjack dealers throwing cards

Online casinos and betting sites are regulated by a gambling license. With this license, the operator must follow strict regulations for personal information, commercials and how to handle payouts of winnings. If they don’t obey these regulations, they are forced by the authority to stop offering their services.

On top of this, all the games are randomly checked by third-party test labs. The same kind of security labs British intelligence service MI6 use for crime investigation – all to make sure you are guaranteed a fair gaming experience.

The fact that Facebook games have not passed security checks and testing from reputable labs and testing agencies say a lot. They would never pass these checks, but they can be published on Facebook or the app stores.

On top of this, if you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a gambling site, you can send in a formal complaint to the government issuing the gambling license. If there are repeated bad behaviour by the online casino, their license is revoked. The owners of the casino are not allowed to apply for a new license in that jurisdiction.

Quite a different compared to Facebook and App Store yeah?

Top 10 Casino Apps You Should Avoid

Let’s take a look at the top 10 Facebook casino apps you should avoid. Most of them are available on the Google Play and iOS stores as well, which means that they have a massive fanbase with millions of Indians.

We’re not doing this so you can download them. Instead, take it as a stark reminder of the fake casino apps you should avoid.

Teen Patti by MahalTeen Patti by Octro
Teen Patti GoVIP Slots Club
Teen Patti GoldTop Money Slots
Ultimate Teen PattiSlotomania
Teen Patti RoyalLucky Slots

To Conclude

Of course, there is also the element of fun, competition and the social aspect of playing this game. However, at Cashup Club where we focus on casino games where you can earn money, we advocate for playing at safe licensed sites. We review the best casinos in India where you can play thousands of games, deposit with payment methods like PhonePe, Paytm or G-Pay – and withdraw your winnings within hours.

Facebook & Google Apps is just a way to spend time, not to make money. Now you’ve been warned.