RNG – The Solution to 100% Fairness in Slot Machines

Last updated on 30th May 2021

Published: 06/10/2020

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(R)andom (N)umber (Generator) – For Casino Games & Crime Investigation

RNG is an abbreviation of Random Number Generator and is used in all casino games. Thanks to the use of RNG, the outcome of each game round is completely random and fair.

RNG should not be confused with RTP which is how much the games payout in winnings. It is always good to choose games with as high an RTP as possible.

On this page we explain the importance of an RNG and how it can ensure that the casino will not scam you.

What is RNG?

All random games in an online casino for real money use an RNG to ensure that the outcome of a game round is always 100% random. This applies to all casino games, regardless of whether they are supplied by software providers such as NetEnt, Micrograming, Play’n GO or one of the hundreds of game manufacturers that manufacture slots machines online.

…the same testing authority is also used for criminal investigations in Sweden.

Each game developer uses an RNG that is tested by an independent test lab. An RNG ensures the outcome of each game round is completely random and cannot be affected by the game provider or the casino itself.

This applies to all casino games such as video slots, simple slots, classic slot machines, and simply all the slot machines you will find in an online casino.

Of course, this technology also applies to other games of chance such as bingo, scratch cards, lottery and regardless of whether you play on the computer or mobile phone.

Independent Gambling Testing Companies

All casino games and casinos that have an approved gaming license use a certified RNG. A casino or a gaming provider that does not meet the requirements does not receive any certifications and licenses. Thus they may not operate an online gambling site. In addition, a casino that deceives players would quickly lose its’ players.

There are a few different recognized and independent testing companies that test the RNG of the games before the games can be used. Two of the control bodies for casino games are Technical Systems Testing (TST), which is part of Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), and eCOGRA.

These test labs give players protection based on an international framework.

If the game’s Random Number Generator (RNG) is approved, you know that it is a game that meets the requirements. Thus, all rounds of play are completely fair and random, both when you play casino for real money and play money.

Approved test labs that check the games’ RNG:

  • Technical Systems Testing (TST) in Germany and Canada
  • iTech Labs in Italy and Australia
  • Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
  • The Swedish Forensic Science Laboratory (SKL) in Sweden
  • Technical Services Bureau (TSB) in the United States

If you look at the names of the testing facilities you can see they are not dedicated to online gambling and casinos only. For example, the same testing authority is also used for criminal investigations in Sweden.

This further improves its independence.

The authority which is used for real money games in India are:

  • Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
  • eCOGRA

Does RNG’s Affect How Much I Win?

No, only luck does. Because most casino games payout more than 95% of the stakes in winnings, which is considered a really good payout (RTP). This in comparison to many other games (live casino games mostly) that only payout 40-60% of the stakes in winnings.

Although the games are completely random and payout over 95% in winnings, the outcome can vary greatly on a number of game rounds. The average is often calculated on several million rounds, so if you play for Rs 1,000, there is nothing to say that you have Rs 950 left.

If you are lucky and win, you can have as much money as you like after playing for Rs 1,000, but you can also have any amount left down to 0.

However, the probability that you would have 0 left if, for example, you play 100 rounds of betting Rs 10 is non-existent because the games always give some winnings.

Volatility affects how often you win

Something you should know about casino games (such as online video blackjack/ and slot machines is the variance and volatility varies greatly between different games. Some games have high volatility and payout larger winnings but rarely. While games with low volatility pay out many smaller winnings instead.

It is not possible to say which games are the best, but it depends on what you like. However, it is always an advantage to choose games with a high RTP. If you want to know much about volatility and variance, you should check out this article.